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The importance of The Food god. How does holistic living radically change your life?

I'm not here to sell a book. Rather, an idea. Holistic health has become a passion of mine, and over the years and I have honed my craft in order to give it to the world. For nearly 20 years I have served as a minister with formal education in theology and missions. I've done much work to pastor churches, plant new churches, and serve to guide people to fulfill their God-given purposes. In that time I eventually discovered that I had only preached half of the gospel and had left so much off the table that could have impacted lives in a greater way.

The Food god is part autobiography as it survey's my life and experience of trying to live a spiritual life without taking care of my physical health. That life led to destruction and darkness that I have vowed never to return to. It's also part theological. I thoroughly enjoyed building a case of importance of food as a connection (or disconnection) to our Creator, from Genesis all the way to Revelations. And lastly, it serves as a science book. I want to explain the fine details of our biological design as it relates to food as its impact on our emotional lives.

My goal in writing this book is three-fold.

First I want you to understand the "why". Our world is crumbling before our eyes and our own personal health is no exception. People are looking for answers, yet they are looking in the wrong directions. I want to explain WHY holistic health is vital to turning your life around. People will not change without answering the "why" question. The is spiritual, emotional, and physical significance in holistic health. There is also eternal significance!

Then I want to show you the "what". If we talk about reason why we should pay attention to our health holistically, I should also show you what it looks like. What does true spiritual health look like? What does true physical health look like? What are we really talking about when we say the word 'holistic'?

And then lastly, I want to answer the question of "how". How can we get there? I have given you a road map that will lead you to holistic health without the twists and turns and detours of fads, gimmicks, and biases. Let's just keep it simple and true.

WE VALUE OUR HEALTH ABOVE ALL. We want to feel good, perform well, and live a life of fullness and satisfaction. Whether that is spiritual health, emotional health, or physical health, we long to find optimal balance and well-being. It's not as far off or as complicated as many make it seem. The answer could be as close as your refrigerator, pantry, or dinner plate.

I hope you will order your copy today and share it with your family and friends. As the Apostle John wished for his dear friend Gaius, I wish for you to "prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually."