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Stop breast cancer in it's tracks with epigentics and lymphatic massage

You have been affected by breast cancer. If you haven't had it, someone close to you has. With numbers that point toward 4 out of 9 women being personally effected by this disease, the threat looms nearer and nearer. In the news today, actress Kelly Preston has passed away, after a two year fight of breast cancer. Kelly was a talented, and beautiful actress who has left her husband and children way too soon. The feelings of grief for this family is too familiar to the thousands who share in it each year in America.

I'm not writing this blog to exploit a family or news story in order to promote my practice. Nor am I writing this to ascertain any notion that I have a silver bullet for breast cancer. I'm writing this because I have been affected and I would like to never be affected by it again.

I spent the last living moments with my grandmother just before she passed away. My heart sank and my gut wrenched. She had fought so hard and so long. Her battle with breast cancer gave way to years of treatments and anguish. What she unknowingly left behind was a genetic propensity for other females in my family to face similar battles. My aunt, along with her oldest daughter, are what we call "survivors". Those battles were equally hard fought and won. My mother is diligent to keep herself in check with regularly scheduled mammograms, and always fearful of the news.

I also write this because I have a wife who is a wonderful mother to my children. I cannot bare to think of what Kelly's husband, John Travolta, is feeling today. My wife is my best friend, my help mate, and my partner for life. We imagine the days that our boys are grown and off growing their own families, leaving me and Mandy to enjoy a new closeness as empty nesters. We dream of travel and adventure as we grow old together. God forbid that dream ever gets cut short.

And finally, I write this because I believe in the divine design of the human body that our loving God so brilliantly designed. I believe in the systems and functions that He incorporated in order to maintain quality health. I do take into account the curse of the fall and the inevitable degradation and deterioration that eventually leads to death. Yes, regardless, we will only delay the inevitable. But let's do our due diligence to prolong our years with quality and vigor.

I'm not a doctor. I don't diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication. I'm a biohacker, meaning I take from any and all modalities of tested and proven health, both ancestral and modern, and use it to my advantage. I help people take control of the biological systems of their bodies, manipulate, control, and support them, in order to reach their intended goals. I have but one agenda... healing. And the best approach to healing is preventative measures.

There's so many avenues to take when we talk about cancer, and namely breast cancer. From dietary measures such as sugar causation or food and blood alkalinity, to parasympathetic activation of the nervous system. Holistic health created endless approaches. I will mention two that I believe are two of the most extraordinary, which is why I practice them.

  1. Genetic testing.

The advances in the science community of genetics is insurmountable. Our genes, or DNA, holds the keys to knowledge about our health that unlock the capability of living a healthy life. Can it predict cancer? Well, no. And it's worth mentioning that what is called the "Angelina Jolie" effect should be avoided at all costs. When Angelina Jolie had her DNA sequenced, she discovered a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. So, as a preemptive strike against the disease, she had a double mastectomy. The problem here is that she may have never gotten breast cancer. Predisposition doesn't mean inevitability. This decision has influenced many women to prematurely remove their breasts. On the other hand, knowing and understanding your predisposition does matter. When I look at a client's DNA, I am looking for clues. I look at their ability to detox via different detoxification pathways. How do they handle heavy metals, envirotoxins, phytotoxins, and other chemicals. I look at their body's ability to to support detoxification through glutathione production and support. I look at how the body handles inflammation and oxidized stress. These are all clues into how susceptible a person is for developing cancer. Having this knowledge and developing a lifestyle around your DNA is in accordance to your divine design and prevention of disease.

2. Lymphatic support

God has given us a master detoxification system. The lymphatic system is designed to prevent and protect the body from attack of pathogens and diseases. A simple manual lymphatic flush of this system is as important as a routine oil change in your car! It keeps you running!

William F. Burton Jr., LMT, CMCE Originally published in Massage Today, June, 2014, Vol. 14, Issue 06 writes...

"With an increase in research and an increase in information and knowledge comes an increase in self-awareness. This couldn’t more pertinent than with the subject of breast cancer and breast care.

Breast cancer is the most common form of malignancy in women, with approximately 200,000 being diagnosed in the United States every year and 40,000 women fatally succumbing to this disease. Along with early breast cancer detection, there are many techniques that may benefit prevention and survival rates.

The breast is composed of different layers of tissue types; connective, adipose and glandular, which overlay the pectoralis muscles located over the rib cage. The subcutaneous adipose connective tissue and fat endow the breast with its size and shape. Lymph nodes and lymph vessels collectively comprise the breast’s lymphatic system and work with a chain of lymph nodes that run up the center of the breast bone called the mammary chain and all drain to the lymph nodes in the armpit (axillary) region.

The lymphatic system works as the body’s garbage collection system, clearing the area of infection, bacteria, metabolic waste and any other stagnation. This natural action protects the area from the formation of unhealthy tissue, which can steadily progress to tissue damage and disease. With as many as 500 lymph nodes in the neck, chest, breast and axillary areas, it becomes more evident how maintaining a free flowing lymphatic system aids in the well-being of a woman’s breast."

Our divine design is a tremendous gift. The knowledge and ability to work in accordance to that design is just as valuable. But only if we use it. If you are a woman, or have one in your life over the age of 40, I implore you and them to seek preventative measures to avoid at all costs, the destruction of this horrible disease. If I could paraphrase Ephesians 6:13 to say, "take up every weapon and battle gear that God gives you, so that when evil attacks you, you will have done all to be still standing."

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