If obesity is the leading factor for Covid-19 hospitilizations...

With the spread of cases mounting up across the nation in 2020, this "novel" virus has brought about some great conversations. We have had to look at health from a few different perspectives and try to

wrap our head around adjusting our lives toward the issue of immunity, protection, cross-contamination, and future health. These are all great conversations to be had. Will we ever find definite solutions? Doubtful. But with the discussions, we may find, create more discoveries. Discoveries to problems that have gone somewhat over-looked in the past.

I've been pouring over studies and research that attempt to identify the leading factors to Covid-19 sickness, hospitalization, and death. The top of the list for hospitalization, age and obesity. But, even with age, that's tricky. Considering that in the U.S. the average number of people dying from Covid-19 from "age related" factors, are less or closer to equal to the average age death in the U.S. Meaning, age does play a factor, but as far as Covid cases, disease such as pneumonia, flu, and heart disease still pull rank.

Obesity, on the other hand has shown to be a tremendous factor, yet one that is talked about very little. Normal BMI ranges from 20-25. An individual is considered morbidly obese if he or she is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, has a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more and experiencing obesity-related health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

I'm not here to shame or question why a person is obese. I know that it could stem from lifestyle choices, genetics, medications, hormone imbalances, etc. Mine is not to question the "why", but the "what". If it is the case that obesity is the #1 factor for covid-19 hospitalization, or even close to it, then what do we do about it? I would venture a guess to say social distancing, sanitizing, and masks are no the answer to this lingering issue. Is it time we begin to re-think health? Isn't it time that we begin to approach pandemic disease with metabolic disease in mind? How many lives could be saved if we were overtly conscious about flattening the curve on obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other underlying factors contributed by obesity?

If simply avoiding Covid-19 is our goal, then yes, a vaccine or social distancing could meet that goal. But then, we are continuing to live a life of less quality, still susceptible to other diseases.

I am a master certified personal trainer, specialized in nutrition and human performance. I run an on-line company as well as individual in-person training. My wife and I run a holistic functional fitness gym in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. I serve on the global team for a fast growing holistic fitness start-up called Totalfit, and travel the globe to teach and train nutrition and recovery. I am an epigenetics coach and partner with Dr. Gus Vickery of Vickery Family Medicine (soon to be Wild Health Asheville). I have published a book called "The Food god" that teaches people all about holistic nutrition.

My life is dedicated to bringing the best health possible to people anywhere and everywhere.

If we want to get on the front end of this disease, and diseases like it, we might out to look into the industry I serve. Disease prevention starts with personal health. Not vaccines and government shut downs. Obesity is a reversible condition. And if reversed, not only protects one of being as susceptible to getting sick, but adds years of quality life to a lifetime.

Consider reserving your spot with a qualified personal trainer, or coach/consultant like me and start fighting disease today.

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