Did Jesus exercise?

"Did Jesus exercise?" The question my son asked me recently. Along with "Was Jesus buff or skinny?" Kids have the best questions. He asked that question because he sees the life that I live and the message that I preach. He knows how important exercise is to me and his mom. We have a full gym in our house, and a gym in our church. I'm a pastor but I am also a trainer. For him, there's a blurred line. By now he might even assume the Bible teaches bench press technique or how to squat properly!

The Bible doesn't spend much time talking about exercise, other than exercising faith. Is it because it was important? Exercise, or devoting time to move your body for physical health benefits it's exactly an ancient practice. The Bible does speak in metaphor about running races and boxing. Sport and play have been a part of human life from the beginning. I doubt, though, that too many of ancient days were performing training splits to target individual muscle groups, or doing drop sets on the deadlifts. Exercise as we know it is probably only about 100 years old. And back then, it was a practice of the carnival acts, the strong men.

That doesn't mean that

physical fitness isn't important to God. Our bodies are considered God's temple. It should be taken care of. The Apostle John, in writing a dear friend in John 3 delivers a passionate prayer request saying, "I pray you are in physical health as well as you are spiritual health. Physical health is crucial to our spiritual ability to carry out what God has called us to do. Our bodies are the vessels in which we carry out His plans.

Back to the question, "Did Jesus work out?" I would say yes and no. No, He did not devote time to exercise, but yes, His lifestyle WAS exercise. We have to remember that about ancerstral practices. A person's daily activity would have accounted for more exercise that we see in a week! So, making a comparison wouldn't be entirely fair. Nevertheless it shouldn't downplay the importance of exercise in modern life. Let's steward our bodies well, glorify the Lord, and be physically capable of carry

ing out His work.

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