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What is Epigenetics?

The Science of Epigenetics is the study of how DNA dynamically interacts with the environment and the driving force behind how our DNA activates and expresses.

Epigenetics assists us to understand the way in which our environmental cues impact not only our genes but also the genes of our prospective descendants. This powerful science validates that it is no longer a question about nature vs nurture, rather it is the dynamic interaction between the two that creates the outcome. With epigenetics, we can take the reins to strategically influence optimal gene expression through healthy lifestyle choices to make genetic pre-dispositions virtually irrelevant as we adapt and thrive under modern environmental pressures.

What I provide!

Genetic Interpretation

As an epigenetics coach I am trained in the interpretation of nearly 500 genetic variants. Using a proprietary genetic array and lifestyle specific templates I am able to create bio-specific plans for each individual.

Epigenetic Lifestyle Coaching

Epigenetics is the key to change. As an epigenetics coach I am trained in the evidence-based science of epigenetics and understand how to elicit changes in gene expression to achieve optimal outcomes.

Peak Performance Coaching

As an epigenetics coach I am trained in guiding the human system to new levels of performance through lifestyle interventions that produce specific outcomes. The concept of Smarter-Faster-Stronger is a key tenant of youthful longevity.

Environmental Design

An often neglected, yet highly impactful piece of human optimization. I am trained to understanding the human exposome and how to leverage environmental design to create optimal outcomes.

What are the outcomes?

A comprehensive eighty (80) page report documenting your DNA in regards to:


Find out how your body reacts to the foods that you eat. Learn the nutrient breakdowns that your body was designed to handle for fight loss, body composition, and overall health.


Learn your own circadian sleep cycles, sleep onset and sleep latency and how to improve these.

Environmental Detox

Find out if your body is detoxing properly. How does your body hold up to biotoxins, medications, estrogens, and other toxins that you come into contact daily.


Discover your body’s need for specific supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals.


Find out your unique hormone profile. Learn what imbalances you may have and how to counteract them.

Athletic Performance

Discover your predominance for specific energy pathways, movements, and exercise. Are you built for power and strength? Endurance? Speed? Learn what your body says is your physical potential.

What to do with the data?

A precision, whole systems genomic and epigenetic approach to designing the human system has enormous clinical applications in the emerging field of human potential optimization.

We now have the power to evaluate all aspects of an individual’s life; their medical and family history, occupation, lifestyle and the environments they function in. By leveraging individual systems diagnostics to include genetics along with real-time markers from sensor and mobile data we can provide personalized lifestyle interventions to optimize and enhance gene expression within the human system.

This new precision offers high specificity on health, tracks how individual choices affect health now and how that translates to the future. It also provides new insights about how we are interacting with our environment, in real time and in real detail.

The interplay of our genes and our experiences, of nature and how it interacts with nurture, has now moved from the mysterious to the knowable. The game-changing Science of Epigenetics assists us to create personalized and precise optimization strategies by taking the reins of gene expression to adapt and thrive under modern environmental pressures.

Genetics lifestyle coaching will assist you in taking the proper steps to work with your DNA to make environmental and lifestyle changes to increase your health, making it personal, individualized, and optimal.

What you can expect...


Sleep of high quality and sufficient quantity is the very foundation for creating optimized performance and potential. A routine sleep/wake cycle primes the master body clock regulated by the superchiasmatic nucleus and allows the numerous body clocks to dial into ideal biorhythms (circadian, infradian and ultradian). An optimally designed sleep environment that addresses proper lighting, temperature, sound, smell and comfort primes the human system for deep, restful and restorative sleep. Sufficient deep sleep enables the brain’s glymphatic system to clean and remove the metabolic wastes from a day of activity and generates enhanced cognitive capacity & function, greater physical performance, reduced stress, and improved longevity.

• Environmental Sleep Design

• Circadian Biorhythm Stabilization

• Sleep Nutrigenomics

• Aromatherapy

• Brainwave Entrainment

• Sleep Breath-work


Stress in any system is a catalyst for change and required for homeostatic balance and growth. When stress is perceived as beneficial and one has developed advanced modulation skills, the epigenetics of stress creates a thriving environment. However, when stress is not well regulated the results can severely diminish health and well-being and limit the achievement of optimal living. An optimized stress response provides the capacity to take full advantage of executive function to remain clear, and focused during events that might normally take you off center.

• Psychophysiologic Performance Training

• Meditation & Mindfulness

• Breathwork

• Movement

• Brainwave Entrainment

• Adaptogenics


Hormones are vitally essential to youthful longevity and when in optimal balance, create a beautiful symphony that produces youthful vitality and a zest for life. A basic understanding of the genomics of the hormonal system is essential for working with non-medical and medical ways to optimize gene expression. There are many factors that contribute to the human hormonal system being out of homeostasis with genetics, epigenetic and environmental exposures being core influencers. We address contributions of these categories and others to the hormonal system of expression and relate that to potential health outcomes as well as define the path to optimization.

• Environmental Mitigation

• Endocrine Disruptors Detox

• Transgenerational Influences

• Nutrigenomics

• Stress Optimization

• Bio-Individualized Support


Nutrition is a key environmental influence and one of the strongest epigenetic mechanisms that enables us to alter our gene expression. Each human being is unique when it comes to great nutrition. While there is no perfect human diet, there is an ideal strategy for everyone from which to lay the groundwork for success. This strategy is a personalized, precision approach based on the pre-disposition of each individual’s genetic code and whether that code is actually expressing. By taking a precision nutrition approach we honor our intelligent design and eat according to our ancestry and how that ancestry shows up in our code.

• Nutrigenetics

• Nutrigenomics

• Macronutrient Programming

• Food Ecology

• Bio-specific Design

• Environmental Consciousness

Human Movement

Humans are designed to move frequently with efficient power and grace, yet we live in a culture of non-movement. Modern living has created body disuse, misuse and overuse that distributes strain across the entire structure and often results in immobility, instability and subsequent injury. Restoring the body to ideal movement patterns and strength is pivotal to thriving performance and potential. Natural movement “fuels” every cell in our entire body with movement “nutrition” for optimal health and supports lifelong vitality and youthful longevity. In fact, science has validated that persistent exercise epigenetically alters the expression of over 7,500 genes creating methylation changes that play a role in energy metabolism, insulin response and muscle inflammation and result in outstanding physiologic and cognitive response. We are finally able to say with surety that exercise is medicine.

• Mobility Drills

• Hypertrophy Training

• Frequent Strength Building Exercise

• Athletic Performance

· Speed

· Endurance

· Agility

· Core Stability


The environment and our interaction with it, is the largest epigenetic modifier. Modern living creates new environmental challenges and every input matters. The food we eat, our sleep and stress levels, the cars we drive, products we clean with and put on our skin, thoughts we think and the chemicals/medications we dump into our water supply, all have an effect. Environmental analysis of where we live, work, and play assists us to recognize environmental triggers and realign/leverage these in a productive way to enhance gene expression. Optimizing our environment is one of the biggest epigenetic strategies that we have in our control to improve and enhance thriving health and vibrant well-being.

• Environmental Design

• Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics

• Stress Optimization

• Mindset

• Detoxification

• Hormesis

Cognition/Brain Function

The brain is our most important asset it weighs two pounds and yet consumes 20% of our energy. When not in an optimal state it can be a formidable adversary. We have an amazing, generally untapped, ability to take charge of our cognitive function to create any experience we choose. We also have total potential to re-pattern the negative unconscious programs that lead to automatic, non-life enhancing reactions. Optimal brain chemistry and healthy neural nutrients are critical to vibrant living and connected perception. We can optimize our food, supplements, movement, sleep and thoughts to create profound impact on our epigenetic expression and restore beautiful balance to one of our most important organs.

• Neuro/biofeedback

• Brainwave Entrainment

• Nutrigenomics/Neural Nutrients

• Sleep Optimization

• Meditation & Breathwork

• Movement


The human experience is replete with limitless opportunities to create anything we choose. We have a virtually untapped capacity to design our lives on purpose, with purpose and to know that we indeed, are in control of our destiny. Ancestral influences, past and current experiences, thoughts, emotions and feelings inform our belief systems and those belief systems epigenetically shift our expressions. Core beliefs can produce amazing, connected experiences and also those we do not generally consciously desire. It is important to become more keenly aware of our conscious and subconscious beliefs in order to have a choice to create foundational change and do life differently. When we dismantle limiting beliefs we can create the life we desire.

• Establish Coherent Relationships

• Find Purpose and Meaning

• Contribute to the Community

• Perception/Awareness Training

• Find Your Passion

• Identity, Placement, & Design in the Divine

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