Epigenetics Lifestyle Coaching

 Using the latest technology in genetics research, as an epigenetics coach trained in interpreting over 500 different gene variants, I will gather your DNA information for transcription through Apeiron Center of Human Performance. Afterword you will receive a 90 page report of your of your DNA that reveals your full lifestyle make-up, including diet and nutrition, supplementation, hormones, detoxification pathways, athletic performance, as well as sleep and recovery. Using this information, I will coach you into eliciting specific changes in your genes' expressions that will achieve optimal results in your life and create a new level of human performance. My coaching can continue in developing a complete environmental design that will enhance every aspect of your life, using common ancestral practices and modern technology based on your genetic expression and needs.


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Delivering the highest quality of holistic coaching. Designed and customized with you in mind to create the greatest potential of human health and performance. Body-Mind-Spirit.

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