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"Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually." -Apostle John  

Wrecking your health can have positive effects. It gives you the opportunity to re-build yourself into a better human being —  that's exactly what I did.

After a long season of bad lifestyle choices derived from stress, I healed myself, and made it my mission to help others heal as well. 

I am a Pastor who focuses on healing of the whole person. The focus led me to become a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, CrossFit and athletic fueling coach, and holistic biohacker. I also host the "Fit For The Kingdom Podcast" with weekly encouragement and teaching on living healthy, both physically and spiritually.

My unique perspective and experience gives you the upper hand on taking hold of your health and wellness; whether you need to recover from bad lifestyle choices, or just want to optimize your life, I will give you the tools to ensure your success.

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"Be sure to check out all of my services and decide which best fits your needs and goals. With an assortment that comes from years of experience and education, I am certain to provide what you're looking for."

Diet and Nutrition

-A Comprehensive Approach-Analyze, program, and implement a targeted.....


Exercise Programming

-Expert Guidance-
Is your goal weight loss? Muscle gain? Physique? .....


The Shepherd

-Biblical Spiritual Guidance-
With a degree in Biblical Theology and over 15 years experience.....

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Let me tell you about Trent Holbert. My wife came home one afternoon praising, "Trent this, keto that. Trent said he does this, Trent said he does that." Jeez! Oh he's one of those "Fitness nutrition coach" guys. Yeah, bet he's awesome 😝. After a week of research and some intense fb stalking, I went and listened to his free clinic. He likes to use facts and science in his arguments, which is just ridiculous. These guys are just supposed to lie about their diet, show their abs and push product. I was so let down. All he wanted was to show me how to fuel my workouts more efficiently. I can only describe this guy and the work he is doing as Absolutely Genuine.

Greg Garner

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